Bedrijventerrein Herenweg 64 unit 71 | 3602 AR

Entrance Maarsseveense poort

Maarsseveen (Nearby Utrecht, A2)

Phone 06 25030802

We are a second-hand toy company. We sell Knex (Used and some new)
With us it is possible to pick up your order.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are based on rates within the Netherlands. If the delivery address is outside the Netherlands, we will contact you about any additional costs.

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Visiting times (see also working hours)
I want to get in touch
Whatsapp | 0302434198
Phone 0625030802
Working hoursWe are also active outside our visiting hours. However, not all the time. We also try to answer you as quickly as possible outside visiting hours.
By phone: we can often be reached by phone between 9:00 and 16:00 | 0625030802 or 0302434198
We can often be reached via Whatsapp until 8 pm. However, this is a different number than our phone number 0302434198
We are often available on Marktplaats until about 10 p.m. Because the current stock is not always known, we sometimes give a standard answer outside opening hours with a reference to our webshop.
Order via the webshop
Ordering via the webshop works the fastest. That is because the items that are in stock are listed there. If you want to order in a different way, that is also possible. Because we then have to search, it is possible that the article has now been sold via the webshop. You can also order via Marktplaats, via e-mail or via Whatssapp.

I am unsure about my order. Am I tied to my order?
No, you are not committed to your order. It is not pleasant for either party if a wrong order is placed. You can contact us at any stage of the order. You can also add a comment to your order. We can see what you put in your shopping cart. If desired, we can add or remove articles.
Can I also pick up my order?
Yes, you can pick up your order from us in Maarsseveen.
Can I return my order?
Yes you can return your order. Returns are precious to us. That's why we prefer that you are happy with your order when we ship it. If you are in doubt, it is better to cancel the order in time. If you want to return something, you will get the paid amount back. You pay the costs for shipping yourself.
Why do I have to pay handling costs with an order?
You pay handling costs for an order under a certain amount. The reason for this is that we want to keep the unit price as cheap as possible. You can also order a single part from us. Because actions such as searching and packing and bringing it to the post office involve costs, we charge a fee for this. If you exceed a certain limit, these costs will be deducted by a discount.
How are shipping costs calculated?
We use our own rates for shipping. These shipping costs are based on weight, size and material costs. In a number of cases, the calculated shipping costs can be adjusted. For questions you can contact us via our company whatsapp
The website indicates that the item cannot be shipped. What now?
Sometimes you will receive a message that an order cannot be shipped. For example with 3 school posters. This is an automatic calculation. If you contact us via whatsapp, we will see if we can still ship this order. We will then adjust it for you.
Looking for articles:

I am looking for parts from Knex
The part I'm looking for isn't listed or I can't find it
Send an email to
Chat with us on Whatssapp0302434198
How can I search for parts (in the webshop)?
Searching for parts can often be done in different ways. You can enter a keyword/keyword in the search bar (Search products)

By article number
by color
By size
By price
On offer
Instructional video about finding parts (playmobil example)

General tips:

We are located at Business Park Herenweg 64 UNIT 71 in Maarsseveen. Do you use a navigation system? Then use Maarsseveense Poort as the address, that is where the entrance to the business park is (it does not have a house number). Choose the exit Maarsseveen.Instruction film with route to our company
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